Dog training in Ashaway, RI

Camelot's training programs are designed to meet the individual needs and attention span of each animal. You can teach an old dog new tricks and a young dog to grow up to be a happier, more enjoyable pet. We use " praise motivation" as the primary method of behavior modification in our training programs.
Camelot's in-house training programs, where we board your dog, teaches your pet manners and basic obedience using verbal commands and hand signals. Choose between either the 10 day (on leash) training program or the 20 day (on and off a leash) training program. At the end of the training period, you will be given a private lesson with our trainer, where you will learn how to execute the commands your dog has been taught. You will also receive a list of commands for your use as a reference, along with a training leash and collar.
Camelot also offers private training lessons at either our facility or your home. Consultation and evaluations of unusual behavior problems is also available; and puppy kindergarten and group lessons will be offered periodically. We are currently working on providing and agility training course for the enjoyment and fitness of both you and your pet. Field (pointing and retrieving) and Show training are also available.
Dog training (private lessons) pricing (rates include board)
10 day 'on leash' training program $999
20 day 'off-leash' training program $1,899
Lesson while boarding $50 each
Lesson with owner $75 each
Lesson at owner's house $100 to $150 each
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