We have designed Camelot to provide the ultimate in care, comfort, and security for your pet.
Camelot is located two miles from Route 95, and is nestled on 36 acres of private and peaceful woodland. Our facility had all the conveniences of a home environment, including the early morning and late evening let outs, temperature controlled living quarters, music, toys, cozy bedding. Also available, for an additional fee, are individual or group play time sessions in our spacious play yard and walks (on leash) around in our serene countryside.

Standard accommodations include a blue room (6'X6'); NOT a wire cage. Connected to each room is an extra large individual exercise area (6'X60'). The dog living area is near to our family home, so all the animals receive lots of love, attention and 24 hour supervision.

Special accommodations for puppies or Geriatric guests can be arranges. For our feline guest, each condo has a comfortable living area, a litter pan that is changed daily, and a blanket to sleep on. Our cattery is completely separate from our dog area and is maintained with the same quality care employed for our canine friends.

Boarding Fees
Kennel: Dogs (1) $22.00 (2) $39.00 (3) $55.00
Cat Room: Cats (1) $12.00    
Rates for Condo : Dogs (1) $40.00 (2) $60.00 (3) $70.00
Penthouse (small dogs only) Dogs (1) $40.00 (2) $65.00 (3) $80.00
Clubhouse: Dogs (1) $40.00 (1) $65.00 (1) $80.00
*all additional dog $15.00 per day
In House Rates: Dogs (1) $40.00    
*all dogs under 4 months are required to stay in the house
(We do not put more than two in a penthouse bedroom but can put up to five in a
clubhouse and any dog after the second is $10 a dog. )
We accept long-term boarders and offer a reduced rates for stays longer than 30 days. There is a minimum charge for board of $25.00 for dogs and $15.00 for cats. This is to cover the washing of beds and dishes, and the disinfecting of rooms prior to new guest arrivals. An extra fee is charged for giving medication and monitoring of pets with special needs. There is no charge for medication administered in food.
All fees are payable in full at time of pickup. We accept cash or check. A 50% deposit is required for stays longer than one week.
*All rates subject to change without notice.
Play time ($3.00-$9.00 per session)
Individual or group play time
Walks on leash
Evening Treat & Social ($2.50)


Vanilla ice cream and wafers
Extra love (FREE)